Hosted Buyer Programme

Hosted Buyer Program 
Travel Turkey Izmir continues to host each year tourism professionals from around the world through the Hosted Buyer Program. The delegations invited to Izmir as a part of the program get together with Travel Turkey Izmir participants in the first 2 days of the fair. As a result, our participants get an opportunity to extend their business network through appointment based meetings and Speed Networking organizations. Following the intensive business program, in the 3rd and 4th days of the Travel Turkey Izmir Fair, our delegations take part in the Fam Trip alongside tour guides in order to get to know the region.

Who is a Hosted Buyer and how is it determined?
Tour operators who promote Turkey as a destination or will begin to promote it as such are all candidates for Hosted Buyer for the Travel Turkey Izmir fair. This opportunity is given to one authorized person on behalf of each company. In order to ensure the correct persons are chosen, commissions of organizations which have a share in the sector get together and decide which companies take part in this program.

How can I be a part of the appointment system? How does the system work?
All companies which take part in the TTI fair through stands are included in the appointment system. Access to the system is undertaken through a username and password. Each side is able to see the other’s suitable date and time and approve the relevant appointment.

What is Speed Networking?
It is a meeting organization composed of 5 minute meetings during which participants who did not get a chance to get an appointment with the Hosted Buyer can exchange business cards. Only participant companies and Hosted Buyers can gain access to this area.