International Gastronomic Tourism Congress

 The congress will mainly comprise the influence of different cultures and beliefs on the cuisine and the intersection of Aegean, Sephardic and Levantine cuisine. Hence, the congress aims at its core to study the new gastronomic trends and the gastronomic heritage.
Considering its deep-rooted gastronomic diversity, accompanied by a vast entertainment culture, İzmir is without doubt a perfect platform to discuss the utilization of “gastronomic tourism” in regional marketing.
Gastronomic is one of the ways a society best expresses itself and its lifestyle. As the study of the relationship between food and culture, gastronomic is the main incentive of travel in today’s world, following “sightseeing”.
The 3nd International Gastronomic Tourism Congress which is planned to examine the impact of gastronomic traditions that stem from the food and beverage habits of numerous cultures and beliefs which have formed diverse layers in our geography throughout history and their impact on local and regional Tourism will be held at İzmir’s new fair centre "fuarizmir" between 07-09 Aralık 2017  by İzmir Economy University and İzmir Convention & Visitors Bureau.
Join us at the 2nd International Congress of Gastronomic Tourism during Travel Turkey İzmir to share the synergy!

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