Travel Turkey İzmir Fair continues to grow with the opportunities it offers to its participants and be recognized in the world tourism sector. In the fair which responds to the needs of both the participants and visitors in the sector with the concepts it has developed, a special concept will be formed about “Alternative Tourism” this year, which draws a huge demand in recent years.

“Alternative Tourism”; which brings a new perspective to mass and social-cultural tourism, features individual consumption and is preferred due to some specific characteristics of the touristic destinations, will also bring a new perspective to the fair this year.

This special division, which contains the tourism activities performed in areas such as health, winter sports, table-land, stream, botanic, mountain climbing, belief, congress, culture/arts, nature/adventure, underwater; will be participated by travel agencies, accommodation facilities, enterprises, product suppliers and clubs, which are directed towards the alternative tourism and sports. “Alternative Tourism Special Division”, which contains subjects such as winter, skiing, diving, funfairs, theme parks, culture, nature, adventure, thermal, balloon, rafting; will put its signature under an alternative meeting in the tourism sector.


Uluslararası Turizm Fuar ve Kongresi

05 - 07 Aralık 2019

BIZI TakIp EdIn!