Travel Turkey İzmir Fair, which will be organized for the 13th time this year between 5-7 December, is getting prepared to exhibit a historical value that attracts the attention of the whole world to the guests that will come from Turkey and the world.  Replicas of Şanlıurfa Göbeklitepe D Temple, which are contained in the world cultural heritage permanent list of UNESCO and attract the attention of the world as the first temples of the history of humanity, will meet the visitors during the 13th Travel Turkey İzmir Fair. 


While the region is drawing great interest since 2019 has been announced as the “Göbeklitepe Year” in our country; it is aimed to extend the promotion activities through 13th Travel Turkey İzmir Fair. 


Travel Turkey İzmir, which is the tourism fair of Turkey and is getting prepared to bring the world and country tourism together in Fuar İzmir for the 13th time, will take place between 5 - 7 December 2019. Travel Turkey İzmir Fair will take place; in the care of Republic Of Turkey Ministry of Culture and Tourism, hosted by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, and with the partnership of Association of Turkish Travel Agencies (TURSAB) and İZFAŞ. Travel Turkey İzmir; which has started off for the purpose of bringing new destinations to the tourism sector and contributing to the promotion of the country, will host the Göbeklitepe Temple this year, which is contained in the UNESCO world cultural heritage permanent list. Replicas of the temple in Şanlıurfa, which are called as the zero point of the history of humanity and attract the attention of the whole world with their discovery; are expected to draw a great interest from the visitors of the fair. Within the scope of the 13th Travel Turkey İzmir Fair, it is aimed to increase the recognition level of the region with the area to be created in Fuar İzmir; in which the Göbeklitepe replicas will take place. The fair, which will be sponsored by Turkish Airlines as the airline sponsor and Hürriyet Travel as the Main Media sponsor; is being organized towards the professional visitors for the first two days. Travel Turkey İzmir, which will also host the tourism fanciers as well as the tourism professionals, can be visited by the end users on 7 December, Saturday.


Uluslararası Turizm Fuar ve Kongresi

05 - 07 Aralık 2019

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